September 1, 2011

Word of the day is AGITATED!

Well I foolishly applied for EntreCard again. AGITATED!
That is all they make me feel. I don't understand why they seem to think I'm a spam blog. I'm just tired of it. No one wants to read what I have to say, and they think I'm spam. WHY?!

I'm not a professional writer obviously. Nor am I a pro photographer. But I write about my experiences and my garden. I take the best shots of my plants as I can. I actually think that they suspect I'm using stock photos. NOPE! Those are my vegetables. MY GARDEN.

My name is Lindsay Ann Huestis. I garden. This is my life. If you think I'm spam, more power to you. I am a real life woman with real life opinions. I'm my father's daughter as much as I hate it, and if you piss me off you will feel my wrath.
I am no longer going to attempt to use EntreCard. I gave it a second shot, figured I'd added a good 15 posts with real content. APPARENTLY my life is not real content. If this is the case, I want to sincerely apologize to everyone that spent the time on this blog. OH WAIT, I don't. I want to thank you.

I love every single person that looks at this blog. Be it someone that dislikes me or not. I do not make a single dime from this site. Myfolia is a free gardening tool, I am not affiliated. I am a paid member, they do not pay me. I GIVE THEM money. Amazon, honestly? I have I think a single banner on this entire blog. I don't make money from it, as no one even looks at it. In the whole time I've had this blog, 28 people have clicked the banner. I've gained not a penny from this, as I only make money if you buy something from my store. That no one has looked at. What is the concern?

My passion is helping other people and growing amazing foliage. I love gardening, and I'm trying to find ways to use that to help others in need. Leave it to just about everyone to dislike someone trying to help.

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