August 14, 2011

EntreCard could step on a rake and I wouldn't mind.

This is just a lovely little mention to my blog friends, if you ever are looking to advertise for free please do not consider EntreCard. It used to be a very lovely resource in which you could advertise your blog for free via dropping by other people's blog. Like community advertising. They even had a currency they used there to put you ads up.

However, these days, they've decided that blogs I write are "SPAM BLOGS" so I am not permitted to join. REALLY? This is spam? A post writen about my mother, very sentimental.. Posts with photos of my garden, the post about my tomatoes. Apparently it's spam, guys! So, I know I don't have many followers but you should just leave now as all I want you to do is buy my really cheap Non-GMO seeds via an amazon link on the side. Oh, and I told you what kind of neem oil I used. I'm sorry guys, I will stop being such a bot now. :(

HA! Yeah right. If I don't get approved I will gladly move my services to project wonderful. :)

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