August 11, 2011

A new seed has been Sown.

I am very excited for all of the new projects I'm starting recently. My 22nd birthday has only just passed, merely days. My seeds are sown in peat for my mother's garden, and my own is thriving and full of life. The gift John's mother gave me for my birthday will go to great use, a brand new pressure canner. It is 23 quarts, and it couldn't get here at a more fantastic time. Soon the apple tree will be ready to harvest, as the branches are sagging with golden ripe apples. She included a flat of pint jars, and a flat of quarts so I even have something to get me started.
 The Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving  will be my new best friend this summer and fall. I really do need to find some more jars, though, as I know that 2 flats just will not cut it.

I am REALLY excited to try out growing spaghetti squash! My seeds have only just shown root sprouting from them, so hopefully they will get larger soon. I want to try the squash so badly but still never had. The corn is also going crazy, and if I don't hurry my space bedroom will be a forest as opposed to a makeshift plant nursery.

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