August 13, 2011

My mother is my Hero.

The title really sums it up, if you're not interested in reading my sappy post. I know it sound like-totally cliche to say that my mother is my hero. It is absolutely true.
My mother posses all of the characteristics I think everyone should work on. She doesn't yell, she is patient, she is willing to teach, and she loves to share stories. She has vast amounts of knowledge, and she seems to ALWAYS know the answer to any question I could ever ask. As a kid, I remember that if she did not know the answer, she would FIND it for me. I remember spending days at the library with her as she would research our family history. She would sit for ages in front of the old newspaper reels, searching for names and stories about long lost but most certainly not forgotten relatives. While she would do this, I would spend time in the kids section or any other topic I could think of that tickled my fancy. Sewing, gardening, and history. My mother was always so wonderful at nurturing any hidden talent my sister and I chose to discover. I myself even won a few ribbons in county fairs because she urged me to enter cookies we'd make together.

As early in life as I can even remember my mother has always had a beautiful garden. Vegetables and flowers, all well cared for and lush. I remember buckets holding green beans and tomatoes on the side of the shed, a web of string holding them all up. She used to have so many flowers, my favorites were the snap dragons in the back of the house as a child. Those things grew like weeds, and they never stopped growing ever after we stopped planting them. Usually red and yellow in color.

When we moved into a different house, I could tell one of the first things my mother wanted was a garden. SET garden space. It is exactly what she got, and it grew wonderful vegetables every summer. Tomatoes would come up every summer without any being planted. Beans and carrots and corn were always in abundance as well.

Now that my mother is not moving around as well as she used to, the garden is no longer lush. There is no beautiful abundant vegetable garden. Not a single snap dragon, nor the usual petunia. The grass is always yellowish, and the only maintenance done is what they can convince a girl who does chores for computer work. It really makes me sad.

As long as I've lived, I've never seen my mother take a day off. She is always taking care of something or someone, even when she is not feeling well herself. She is so dedicated to making everyone else happy and feeling well. I can not believe how selfless she really is, and always has been. My mother is my hero because never does she complain or annoy anyone with her problems. She is always willing to listen and lend advice to anyone that needs it. My mother is exactly how I want to be when I have kids. Patient and open, always accepting everything that comes along. Not showing the panic, and always having things under control. The only time I knew times were tough, it was not because of her, but because of my father stressing out! My mom always had a plan, always was determined it seemed. Even if she didn't, she always fooled me. I think that is how it should be.
That isn't to say I've never seen my mother stressed out.. I just still do hold her to that image we hold our mother's to as a kid. It's because she really is like that, though. She is human, and she does have stress and is not perfect. But I love her and it doesn't ever make me feel any differently about her than I do.

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