August 18, 2011

The Word of the Day is Perceptive!

This one is a bit different than my other word of the days, but I think it is a very important one! Here is a quick definition of the word.

Having or showing keenness of insight, understanding, or intuition: a perceptive analysis of the problems involved.
This is something that I think a lot of people experience problems with. A lot of us are mindful of our own day to day lives, it's rare that we stop to think about our surroundings. I always find it odd when driving with someone, and even if they pass by something on a daily basis never notice their local landscape changing until it directly has an impact in their lives.  I feel as if it is our responsibility, as members of any community, to pay attention to the problems we often times overlook. Take a moment to think about a situation or issue in your local area that could use your attention. Are there public areas often times covered in litter? It is not very difficult to organize community clean ups, or join in on ones already organized in some areas. Starting your own community projects is insanely fulfilling, it brings such a feeling that can't be described! Even alerting officials of problems in local areas that others have not made reports of can be helpful. Not to mention the option to donate any surplus garden harvest to local food banks (and even those cans and boxes that sit there forever, they'll usually take them.)
There is a lot that can be done if only we take a few moments, even just an hour or two once a month to give back to our community. Helping out a neighbor or a local public area can be contagious but don't worry, this kind of spread won't be invasive.  

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