August 16, 2011

Updated Photos of my Personal Garden!

Today was a very very eventful day for me! I finally mustered up the motivation to do most of the things I listed on my Word of the Day Post! Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera to my mother's house and didn't even think to use my camera phone. But I should take some soon, it isn't completely finished but a lot of it has been planted.

Here are photos of my garden at home. The photos farther down are the before photos of this garden.

This photo shows most of the garden

Grape Tomatoes

Early Girl 50 Day tomato.. Not sure I'll grow this again..

Raspberries Ripening

Pumpkins and Cucumbers climb up string to a tree. Awesome, right?!

Baby Pumpkin, about the size of a golf ball now.

Only about as big as a dime, but I have broccoli!!

Me! And.. Cheech's Butt.

He is camera Shy but Comfortable.

This one may be a favorite.. it's a pot, on a 5 gallon bucket, filled with pumpkins.

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