August 16, 2011

The word of the day is Motivation!

Today my emphasis is on motivation. Mainly because motivation is something I do not have.
Lets celebrate this day dedicated to motivation (or really, lack thereof) by trying to accomplish a few goals!
I've been absolutely terrible about completing my to do list as of late so I really do need a motivational boost. Something that worries me is that my absence of umph is due to nutritional deficiency. I REALLY want my garden bounty to ripen. (I saw an inch long pea today! So close!)
  • Weed my mom's garden
  • Take photos there, as well as my own garden
  • Take photos of my yummy canned apples (and my first time home canning!)
  • Clean this darn mess of a house!!
 Hopefully I will be able to cross some of these off of my list, and I will definitely share the results with you all!

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