August 14, 2011

The word of the day is "iogjdofihgoidfhuuuuuggggggghhhhhh"

If you need help with the pronunciation (I apologize, I try not to get into foreign dialects but the word is just oh so appropriate) then I will give you a step by step on how to say it correctly. You'll be saying it like a pro!

Step 1: Have a yard sale at 7am two days in a row, on about 3 hours of sleep.
Step 2: Work.
Step 3: Try to figure out what to do with all of these darn apples before they go bad (I want my canner to get here SO BAD!)
Step 4: Never sleep, why do that? sleep?
Step 5: Forget where you are for a bit, then realize you were just watering the cucumbers and dozed off
Step 6: Figure out what to do with all that stuff you took out of your house for a yard sale, but now don't want to take back inside or keep.
Step 7: Slouch down on the couch as far as you possibly can, then let out the noise from within.

Now onto actually doing stuff and being productive. It is REALLY HARD sometimes. Like when you want to sleep, you there is an adorable kitten mowing at you, essentially saying "You don't want to go prune. Or mow the lawn. You wanna snuggle!"
I do.. I do want to snuggle. But the garden never stops growing (unless I kill it.. I wouldn't be surprised).

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